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Powerful Inspiration was established in 1998 to be a resource for people who want to identify and achieve meaningful personal, professional, and civic goals. Amy is trained in a number of coaching methodologies.   In addition, her professional experience includes program and fund development/management, community mobilization, training, strategic marketing and alliances, and nonprofit management,  She has also authored and delivered more than 100 speeches, and developed curriculum for and taught classes/workshops for adults and college students throughout the United States.

Through Dream Coaching, Vision and Purpose Coaching, and Life Design Leadership Training (personal and professional), Amy inspires people to realize what really matters (to them) and empowers them to take action to get from where they are to where they want to be. Through Executive Coaching and Marketing Services,she works with founders of nonprofit organizations to increase their organization’s impact and entrepreneurs to bring innovative products or services to market. Representative Results Received by Founders & Entrepreneurs:

  • Coached founder of regional nonprofit during national expansion with large institutional partner.  National grant funded coaching that improved her ability to negotiate from position of strength and manage complicated relationship.  As a result, program outcomes were achieved and standards for compassionate care were maintained as 400% more people were served.
  • Worked with company founder to refine marketing.  In addition to traditional marketing, gave her permission/challenged her to be aware of and track what energized/drained her about clients, projects, and people. Used this information to refine her approach to delegation and create ideal client profiles. Incorporating profiles into marketing led to increased sales with this type of client.
  • Serving as executive coach for entrepreneurial president of technology startup company.

Representative Results Received by Individual Clients:

  • Coached owner of successful company through comprehensive Life Review©. Process gave her clarity about her personal and professional life, and what she wanted to do, be, and have in her life.  After careful planning, she moved closer to NYC where she now lives in a vibrant community and is researching what she can do to make a difference there.  And her company’s sales are increasing.
  • Coached CEO through process of rediscovering his zest for life.  As a result, he wants to but isn’t yet ready to explore his interest in music, and he is experiencing greater productivity at work.

Coaching can be powerful, effective, and often life changing if/when the client is ready and both the client and the coach are right for each other.  If what you are reading resonates with you, or you hear a small quiet voice saying this might be the right time and the right thing for you, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or telephone (860-983-5040) to set up a complimentary 30 minute conversation. If I’m the right coach for you, we’ll both know it, and if not, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.   I look forward to talking to you about coaching, and more importantly, about what really matters to you.

Amy Jaffe Barzach

“The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy, ambition and natural ability you have.” John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)

The Dream Coach© curriculum and program were developed by Marcia Wieder (www.dreamcoach.com). As America’s Dream Coach, Marcia travels the world speaking about achievement and accomplishments.   Whether she’s with a U.S. President in the White House, motivating top sales people or coaching executives, Marcia’s message about vision and realizing our dreams inspires audiences worldwide.  Marcia was featured on Oprah as “The Passion Expert” and in her own national show on PBS-TV.

What is a Dream Coach?
Simply put, a ‘Dream Coach’ assists people in getting what they want personally and professionally. So mired in reality, so busy living by our clocks, calendars and obligations, we often forget what (really) matters to us or have little time to even think about it. Your Dream Coach can help you get in touch with your purpose and passion, your dreams and hopes, to overcome your fears and doubts, and most importantly support you in taking the necessary steps, week by week, day by day for getting what you want.  The bottom line is we can’t do it alone. With a Dream Coach you will be challenged, stretched and empowered, in a supportive and encouraging way. You will dream bigger dreams, discover and rediscover clues to your passion and your purpose, and uncover and start to remove limitations. Supported by a good Dream Coach and the application of the Dream Coaching process, extraordinary things will start to happen in your life.

Marcia Wieder
Founder & CEO, Dream University

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