Inspirational Speaker

Through speaking engagements, workshops and other educational programs, Amy helps people and organizations discover their passion and learn to use their unique strengths to achieve success and make a difference.

Sample Topics:

  • What Really Matters & How To Incorporate It Into Your Life
  • Leveraging Your Impact Through Strategic Alliances
  • Focusing Your Philanthropic Passion to Achieve Greater Results
  • Turning Your Dreams Into Reality
  • Thriving-Despite Or Because
  • Finding Your Passion Through Play
  • Life Design 101, Living by Choice Instead of by Chance
  • Everyone Can Make A Difference
  • The Power & The Potential of Inclusion
  • Deal With Loss By Celebrating Life

Amy has authored and delivered speeches and developed curriculum for and taught workshops/classes throughout the United States.  As a social entrepreneur and a woman who has received more than 10 national leadership awards, her experience and real-life stories have inspired and empowered audiences of 15 to 500.

For information, rates or to book Amy to speak at your next event, please contact [email protected].

In this photo taken during Amy’s Finding Your Passion Through Play workshop held in Litchfield County, participants play the game Candy Land© in a creative way to help them identify defining people and moments in their lives, clues to rediscovering their passion.

Amy is also working with a team led by the author of LifeDesign to expand the reach of this nationally respected program. The LifeDesign program ( teaches people how to live by choice instead of chance

“I traveled throughout the country over the last decade sharing my dreams for Boundless Playgrounds with people and hearing theirs.  As I did, I learned that there was enormous opportunity to help people bring about – in their own way and for the causes they care about – the kind of impact we were able to achieve with the creation of Boundless Playgrounds,” said Amy.  “People from all walks of life are hungry to know how they can use their personal energy and passion to make a difference.   When people heard my story, they realized that they too have the power within themselves to spark the changes they want to see in the world,” she continued.

“I was very motivated after attending Amy’s Finding Your Passion workshop. The ease with which she engendered my and every other attendees’ active participation also impressed me. What resonated most was how the interactive activities Amy developed really did help me reconnect to my passion. Amy is an excellent speaker who creates engaging and uplifting programs.”

Tara Wolman, College Administrator, Holyoke, MA

“When Amy Barzach speaks, people listen.”

The Morning Sun

“Amy is a rock solid visionary, Dream Coach and inspirational speaker. She knows how to dream big and produce powerful results. Plus with her community and nonprofit work, she is masterful at creating miracles.”

Marcia Wieder,
Founder & CEO
Dream University

“I have had the pleasure of designing motivational programming with Amy Jaffe Bazach, and have shared the stage with her as well. She is a gifts speaker and motivator. This woman is going places.”Kay Wilson, President
The Inner Circle

“Amy is truly one-of-a-kind! She inspires all of us to reach for the best of what it means to be a vibrant human being.”

James Vaughn, Author of Life Design

“Her message is sincere. Her passion is infectious. A very emotional and inspiring program.”

Sid Berke, Retired Chief Adjudicating Officer
N.Y.S. Dept. of Motor Vehicles

“Amy had my high school’s inner city kids mesmerized and hanging onto every inspiring word”.

Jacqui Lefkowitz, Principal,
Linton High School Schenectady, NY

“When Amy spoke to the hundreds of people who attended our event, she unleashed the human potential in all of us!”

Tim Woiwode, Director of Greenways Initiative, Community Foundation of Southeast MI

“Amy captivated the audience with her message, her stature and her wonderful delivery. What an experience to hear her!

Sylvia Winer, Niskayuna, NY